How To Be More Masculine

How To Be More Masculine: 5 Top Tips

Today’s society is a far cry away from the times when men went out to work to put food on the table and women stayed at home, raising the family. Modern society sees more men staying at home whilst many women work. It sees a bathroom shelf cluttered full of men’s toiletries and grooming products and it sees men pushing the vacuum cleaner around the house and cooking a meal. None of these are bad things, but it can leave a man wondering how to be more masculine.

Act like a gentleman

Good manners cost nothing and a woman will be impressed if you open doors for her, present her with a small gift from time to time, and abide by the age old rule of “ladies first”. In fact it makes her feel more feminine which in turn will make you feel more masculine. Men who think chivalry has gone out of the window, will just be deemed as immature and plain rude by most women.

Some guys make the mistake of thinking that if they act like a gentleman, they will look weak to the woman. Holding doors, pulling out chairs, etc are all things that we have been told display weakness and non masculinity – this all came about by a handful of dating gurus who quite simply got it wrong. There are even courses out there teaching guys to treat women mean and it will keep them keen! I know from my years of personal experience that this advice is simply just WRONG.

Make a good first impression

When you meet any woman for the first time, greet her with a friendly embrace, with a kiss on 1 cheek, if this is inappropriate for your culture, do whatever feels right by you. Another alternative is to go for the ‘hand grasp’ by grasping her fingers inside of your hand to show a caring embrace. It’s important to look her in the eye and say “nice to meet you, I’m (name)” – this will come across as confident and masculine.

Dress to impress by wearing clean and freshly ironed clothes. Make sure your shoes are clean, smart and well polished. Keep your hair neat and wear no more than 2 sprays of cologne. Always dress how you want to dress, never make allowances for other people through fear of ridicule. A good first impression all comes down to how you carry yourself.

Be confident

Confidence is the key to unlocking how to be more masculine. Speak in an upbeat manner about yourself, your interests and your goals for the future. Confident people don’t apologise, they stick to their values no matter what.

However, if you know that you have made a mistake or wronged someone; a confident masculine person will be the first to stand up and apologise without egotism.  Never seek approval, praise or sympathy either, because to do so will make you appear non masculine or insecure. Someone who is 100% confident would never act in such a needy way.

Don’t be shy when it comes to approaching women. Just go for it and be yourself, if it doesn’t work out – so what? It’s not a big deal! The emotions and feelings that present themselves are incorrect; they’re not a real representation of reality. The truth is that rejection is all in the mind…

Be assertive

Don’t hold back if you feel that someone is trying to talk down to you or steal your thunder – have the confidence to speak up in a conversation – there’s nothing worse than someone else being praised for an idea when you had it in your head but were afraid to voice it.

If you want a promotion at work, then perform well and get noticed. If you want to ask a woman out then don’t be put off by the fear of rejection. Stand up, be a man and take action! Whenever I’m afraid, I always ask myself this question: what’s the worst that can possibly happen and what’s the best that can happen? Is it worth the gamble? – And the answer is almost always – YES.

Body language 

Body language plays a huge part in how we view each other as we are subconsciously sending messages all the time by means of various body actions and signals. If you stand in front of people with your arms crossed then effectively you are shutting them out by looking scared or disagreeing physically but not verbally which comes across as weak, unsure of yourself or unapproachable.

Instead you should have your arms hanging loosely at your sides, stand up straight with your shoulders back as if you were on a military parade, which leaves you in a very open and masculine posture.

Slouching looks unattractive, boyish and lazy – all things that you want to avoid if you want to learn how to be more masculine.

It is very important to keep eye contact when you are talking to another person. Gazing around the room or not holding eye contact gives the impression of boredom or that you’re feeling nervous – all non-masculine traits.

Practice the above points both in the workplace and socially and you’ll be well on the way to learning how to be more masculine. Remember it’s not about having arms like steel, a six pack or even a bulging wallet; it’s about how you feel inside and learning to feel good about yourself. All these things combined allow you to project yourself as a more masculine man in today’s highly sensitive society.