Ideas For A Fun Date

The Top 5 Ideas For A Fun Date! 

ideas-for-a-fun-date-1These ideas for a fun date will help you to create a comfortable scenario where you and your date can get to know each other more easily. When you first start dating someone, it often comes across as “too much pressure” if you break out the candlelit dinners right away! You want to make sure, at least for the first date, that the atmosphere is light and casual. If you feel like there’s too much pressure, then there probably is!

Coffee dates are about as low pressure as you can get although if you are not a big talker, then perhaps this isn’t the right choice for you. On the opposite side of the scale, movie dates don’t always allow you to get to know each other or show off any personality either as you don’t get a chance to talk to each other. You may as well be at the movie alone if you are not even going to talk! Great ideas for a fun date should involve an interactive experience, where the environment itself is enjoyable and can act as a conversational topic. This takes a lot of pressure off both of you, and even if you don’t hit it off, the date doesn’t feel like a waste of time because you still had fun. This is the main philosophy behind our coaching, fun fun fun!

Here are five ideas for a fun date to help you get started. Some are ideas for specific activities; others are ideas for games to play or things to do on a date. I guarantee you that if you do these activities; she will love them! If they doesn’t love them, then perhaps she is a little boring and not what you’re looking for in a partner right now.

Number 1: The Dress-Up Game Ideas-for-a-fun-date-2

This is 1 of my favorite ideas for a fun date, and it also happens to be free. You go to a mall or shopping area with your date, you each take turns choosing a clothing or fancy dress store (the guy chooses the girl’s store, the girl chooses guy’s store). Once you’re in there, you get to choose an outfit your date has to wear. After that, you switch – your date can choose any store and anything for you to dress up in.

The only rule is that you can’t say no to any item of clothing. But just bear in mind – if you make your date dress up in something stupid, it will come back to haunt you when it’s your turn! This game is great for bringing down barriers. It’s a good one to help move things forward if you’ve already been on a first date and you have some chemistry, but you’re not physically intimate yet. I always use this method with the fancy dress store, it is hilarious to have her dress up as a banana or something silly like that! The best outfit I ever had chosen for me was a French Maid uniform! It was 1 of the most enjoyable dates of my life!

Number 2: People Watching

This is more like a game that can be played on a date – it’s perfect for picking up the energy of a coffee date when the conversation starts flagging. You can sit on a park bench on a nice beautiful sunny day with your coffee or Smoothie, pick a guy walking past and make up a life story for him, including a name, based on the way he walks and looks. Get creative with this one! If you see someone walking past with their dog, say “It’s true what they say, people really do look like their dogs don’t they!” haha.

Number 3: Mini Golf ideas-for-a-fun-date-2

Mini golf is ideal for a fun date. You’re competing against each other, so it creates some opportunities for playful teasing and flirting – but of course it’s not serious. You can raise the stakes a little by putting a ridiculous bet on the game, like “Loser buys the winner a lollipop.”

A word of advice on mini golf etiquette though – if you’re a pro golfer and your date is terrible, try to miss a few shots without making it look too obvious that you did it on purpose! No one likes to lose  too much, it makes them feel inadequate or like you did it intentionally to show off. But at the same time, no one likes to feel as though someone is letting them win! What a conundrum!

Number 4: Pool

Playing pool is similar to mini golf but with a bit more of a grown-up feel to it. Usually you’ll be at a bar for this, so you can get a few drinks flowing as well! If you think your date would feel out of place playing mini golf, pool is a comfortable alternative. This is a good idea for a very casual date – you can invite someone along with a group of friends for some pool if you want to hang out but you don’t want that one-on-one date pressure. Often times for women, having a group type date where she can invite a friend along will really help with shyness, overall pressure and the safety aspect that will be playing on her mind if she doesn’t know you too well.

Number 5: The Role Playing Date

If you’re a naturally creative person, this fun date idea lets you show off your personality; there are no rules with this one. The idea is that you choose a fairly normal, everyday activity for the two of you, but you invent a new set of roles for yourselves to play while you’re doing it. An example would be going to an art exhibition and both pretending to be high-brow art experts judging all the works – or you can play the role of a rich art buyer, and your date has to “sell” you on the finer points of each work!

Beware with this one: if your date is shy or gets embarrassed easily, she might not want to play along. That’s why you should always have a Plan B. Note also though that this idea can apply to most of these dates – for example, you can ask your date to “coach” you through your game of mini golf. If you know a little about your date, plan ahead and arrange an activity she genuinely knows a lot about. People love to talk about their passions, so this is a good way to make sure you’ll have lots of good conversation fuel.

Overall, all of these ideas for a fun date are both fun and adventurous; they are more tailored towards the outgoing ‘extrovert’ type. If you are looking for someone outgoing and fun, then these ideas for a fun date are for you! If however, you prefer shy people, then this list is definitely not for you my friend!