Reasons to Keep Your Standards High

More often than not, we are told to settle. We are told to compromise. When it comes to finding a significant other, this should not be the case.
With it being in the middle of relationship season I understand it might feel harder than ever to keep your standards high, especially when you watch all of your taken friends doing cute couple things on the internet. But when it comes down to it, why would you want to settle in a relationship? Sure, compromise should happen within the relationship, but by compromise I mean watching sports when you want to watch HGTV or vice-versa.
Compromising on when it comes to your deal breakers is dangerous. You might find yourself in a relationship with someone with whom you have nothing in common, or worse, polarized political beliefs.
It pays to be picky! Youíll regret hopping into a relationship just because “he’s a nice guy” or because heís the hottest thing youíve ever seen.
Being way too picky with hook-ups is an entirely different matter for an entirely different article ñbut when it comes to relationships your standards should stay high.
Do you need more convincing? Here are a couple reasons to keep your standards high when looking for a boyf or a gf.
1. Character is more important than looks
Okay so the guy or the girl youíre talking to is smoking hot. Aside from looks, do they have any other redeeming qualities? No? Well, I hope you are their FWB and nothing else, because if youíre trying to start a relationship with this person youíre making a HUGE mistake.
Physical attraction is somewhat paramount in relationships, however itís not the most important thing. If this person is an asshole at their very core, what makes you think theyíll make a good partner?
Sure, a pretty face is important and a nice ass is a bonus. But when it comes down to it this person should be a kind, respectful individual that cares about you. Because if you end up dating a sexy yet shallow person you might find that they werenít dating you for you at all, but possibly for the material things you have to offer.
2. If they don’t build you up, theyíre tearing you down
When it comes down to it, if your partner isnít adding to your experience then theyíre subtracting. If they arenít doing what they can to build you up, then theyíre probably making you feel shitty about yourself.
Regardless of how much you love this person, you need to keep in mind that you are important. If this person isnít seeing and respecting your value as a person and as their partner, then they are certainly not worth your time.
3. Why waste your time with Drama Queens?

If you have a ridiculous amount of drama in your life and itís all thanks to your significant other, then you ought to kick them to the curb.

Relationships are complicated and inherently come with some amount of drama. But if your life is consumed in your boyfriend or girlfriendís drama, then the relationship is no longer about you. Itís entirely about them and their needs.

Rid yourself of any unnecessary drama by not dating drama queens. I promise you, itís not worth the stress.

So, when youíre out circulating the dating pool, make sure to keep your standards high. Not insurmountably high, but high enough to weed out all the losers, drama queens, and assholes. Happy dating!

If you want to learn more about keeping your standards high then check out the video below!  Or if you’re ready to find someone new then check out the dating app.

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