Core Values

Core Values

Read what makes me stand out from the other dating coaches in the world.

What are Core Values?

Core Values are the practices that each and every one of us use in our private and work lives. Core Values do not change with the growth of the business nor do they grow with your individual wealth – they stay constant throughout.

What are my Core Values?

My core values lie at the very centre of who I am and what makes my coaching so unique and special. I put the rapid growth of my coaching business down to 1 thing: following the Core Values that I set in myself and in my couching methods on day 1 of this venture. Because of this, I am proud to say that my business has doubled every month and I hope it will continue to grow at this rate for the future.

Core values are like the foundations of a building, the stronger the foundations, the longer the building will stand without any problems; the weaker the foundations, the more cracks will start to appear in your house.

I live my life in an honest and conscientious way, my aim is to guide and teach every single person who asks of my help regardless of age, sex, race or religion to the best of my talent and of course to the best of your ability. A strong set of core values ensure that my inner compass stays on track and I carry on the path in the right direction.

What is the most important of my Core Values to me?

Integrity; I feel that if you do not have a high standard of integrity, then it does not say much about your other values. Most of our own values are built upon integrity – doing the right thing and living honestly.

What I aim to achieve with you:

• Provide the highest quality of service

• Create personal growth in you as the client

• Make the coaching as fun and informative as possible

• Build an honest and open relationship with you

• Coach with passion and encouragement!

• Drive you hard to achieve your goals

My Core Values (In no particular Order)

• Integrity
• Honesty
• Compassionate
• Understanding
• Courage
• Sincerity
• Caring
• Passion
• Help Others
• Excellence
• Encouragement
• Drive
• Never giving up!
• Trust
• Friendship
• Hard Work
• Optimism
• Faith
• Personal Responsibility
• Pride
• Sacrifice
• Duty
• Hope
• Dreams
• Intelligence
• Enthusiasm
• Sensitivity
• Consideration
• Sympathy
• Brave
• Determination
• Motivation
• Reliance
• Confide
• Trust
• Optimism
• Inspire
• Success
• Contribute