A range of fun date ideas for the nighttime to help you gain some inspiration for your perfect date

A range of fun date ideas for the nighttime to help you gain some inspiration for your perfect date

Fun Date Ideas – Night Time

I actually prefer to go on dates at night time as opposed to the day time. I prefer it because it means that I can get dressed up and have a drink in a better atmosphere. The key here is that it all depends on your personality and the personality of your date, you need to think about what they would prefer and where they would feel most comfortable.

A Classy Cocktail or Wine bar

If your date is a classy or professional person they will really appreciate this, especially if it is a new venue or somewhere that has recently been refurbished.

A Jazz Bar

Most people love going to a jazz bar for a drink especially if they have never been to one before. You will be surprised at just how many people have never entered a jazz bar in their life! Give them an unforgettable experience.

Bar Playing Live Music

Always a winner, if your still undecided on some fun date ideas for the night time then this is a sure deal.

Walk Along The Beach

Aim to meet up at about 30 minutes before sun set, this way you can enjoy the sun set together and maybe stop off for a drink or something to eat on the beach.

Murder Mystery Tour

This one is entertaining but also very funny. You will have to run around solving clues and putting a case together of who the murderer is! You can see if your date is a light hearted person or a bit of a bore, if you are enjoying yourself but they don’t want to get involved then perhaps you don’t make such a good match after all.


A great night out if you have the cash, high energy atmosphere and bags of fun. But watch the spending and don’t go overboard or you may have to re-mortgage your houseā€¦..

A Themed Restaurant

Now this is great fun! There are so many themed restaurants around offering all sorts of meals from basic dishes to full blown medieval banquets! This is another of my top picks

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