The First Date Ideas & Rules – How to Act on a first date

The First Date Ideas & Rules – How to Act on a first date

The golden rule is to meet somewhere: public, chilled out & relaxed. A coffee shop is a great venue for this during the day and a wine bar is a great place for the first date idea in the evening.

The first date should be kept casual.

If you want to fully prepare for the date, make sure you do your research beforehand.

Go and check out a couple of venues prior to your first date, ask the staff if it would be suitable for a date.

Other factors to consider are:

What time does it get busy?

How loud does the music get?

Will we be able to hear each other speak?

Is the seating comfortable?

Is it within the recommended price range for a first date?

Aim for a cheap-mid price range if it is someone you don’t know or have never met before, a coffee is perfect as you can just walk away if it doesn’t work out between you and the other person.

Don’t go out for dinner on the first date if you don’t know the person. There are so many things wrong with this, the biggest is that the man will probably insist on paying – which means that he has not only ‘invested’ time in you but now money. The problem: most men will want a return on their investment…..
Arrive on time! This is particularly important for men, but less so for women. Be punctual to give off the best first impression. 60%+ of the time, the woman will be late for the date. Even though this drives me crazy, it is just the way it is! Don’t stress yourself out about it and certainly don’t get annoyed with her about it! Always factor into your date plan that he or she may be up to 20 minutes late, with the norm being about 10 minutes.

Have your date sit in the seat with the least distraction, this stops them from losing focus and allows them to concentrate on you. Women will always choose the seat with the best view, always! They are extremely nosy and like to see what’s going on around them (keeping their options open) but this is actually distracting for both you and them (sorry ladies but you know it’s true!) Do yourself a favour and be a gentleman, pull out the chair for her, it would be rude of her to decline ; ) as crazy as this seems, I guarantee you that it works. You will increase your success rate on dates massively if you stop the other person from getting distracted.

A good first date idea is to meet at a location away from your home address or their home address. If they ask you for your home address so that they can pick you up – politely say that you will meet them at the venue.

Do not give your address away if you have any doubts about this person, remember: safety is paramount, especially on the first date. Besides, if the date goes badly, the last thing you want is for them to turn up at your front door at a later date asking why you haven’t returned their calls!

Another good first date idea is to make the date on a week night; weekends are too busy & you will have to compete with other guys or girls in the venue. A woman will probably decline your offer anyway as a lot of women plan their weekends with ‘their girlfriends’ weeks in advance.

Guys will usually say ‘yes’ to anything – especially if they are desperate! Don’t make yourself too available. If this sounds like you Mr, women can smell your desperation a mile off!

The Perfect Date Day is (Sun-Thu) why? = A Low Energy Atmosphere in the venue + not many people = You need to be the most interesting thing to him or her in the venue = A very good chance of SUCCESS!

The worst days for dates are the weekend, (Fri and Sat) why? = High/ Explosive Energy + lots of people = you need to have something really special planned! + be of higher value to her than the other guys around her = A good chance of FAILURE!

First date ideas: Always trust your instincts; if you think he or she seems a bit odd – they probably are.

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