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How to Get a Girlfriend – Where

How to Get a Girlfriend – Where

How to get a Girlfriend: the best places to meet single women

The 25 best places to meet beautiful, single women

Do you want to know how to get a girlfriend? Have you ever wondered where the best place to meet beautiful women is? Well me too, and it used to drive me crazy! So much so infact, that I went on a quest to find out where all the best places were to meet all of these beautiful women!

These were my findings:

  1. A Dance Class
  2. A Singles Event
  3. Any physical gym class like: Yoga, Pilates or Aerobics
  4. The Gym
  5. A Speed Dating Event
  6. A Social Event through like minded intelligent people
  7. An Evening Study Class
  8. Internet Dating
  9. A Bar or Nightclub
  10. A Wedding Reception
  11. A Volunteer Project
  12. A Seminar or other public speaking event
  13. The Park
  14. The Beach
  15. A Supermarket
  16. A Concert
  17. A Salon
  18. A Book Store
  19. A Museum
  20. An Art Gallery
  21. A Coffee Shop
  22. The Library
  23. The Post Office
  24. A Theatre
  25. A Restaurant


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